Hair loss does not just affect your looks ...

Hair loss can have a variety of causes, and often results from stress, dieting or hormonal changes. Many people don’t regard hair loss as a big problem. But especially for women, hair loss can be very distressing. A full head of healthy hair is an important element in society’s view of female beauty. Thinning hair makes a woman feel less attractive, and this causes emotional stress and reduced confidence. Sufferers often adjust their habits in order to hide the problem.

Pantogar® can help restore your hair’s healthy balance – and get you feeling and acting yourself again.

Which type of hair loss do you have?


If you lose more than 100 hairs a day, these cannot be replaced quickly enough. Half of all women suffer from hair loss at some stage in their lives. Usually the hair thins out evenly over the head, and this is known as diffuse hair loss. Most sufferers do not know that there are various forms of hair loss, or which type they have, but the right diagnosis is the first step towards successful treatment.
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The right treatment delivers visible results


A correct diagnosis is the first step on the way to dealing with diffuse hair loss. Pantogar® treats the root cause of the problem, which is why it is the world’s best-selling treatment for diffuse hair loss and is recommended by doctors around the world*.
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Problems with hair loss?

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