Treatment for brittle fingernails: Pantogar® capsules

The unique combination of B vitamins, proteins, amino acids and medicinal yeast has a positive effect not only on the hair and hair cycle, but also on the fingernails. This is because nail growth and hair growth occur under similar conditions.


Pantogar® capsules provides the root of the nail with nutrients and vitamins for healthy nail growth and can rebuild structurally damaged fingernails.


Pantogar® capsules contain active ingredients that help in the treatment of brittle fingernails

  • Cystine is an amino acid that plays a central role in keratin formation. It promotes the growth of healthy fingernails and hair.
  • Keratin is a protein. It forms the main component of the fingernails and hair.
  • B-group vitamins, such as thiamine and pantothenic acid, are indispensable for the metabolism in the skin and its appendages such as fingernails and hair.
  • Medicinal yeast contains a large amount of vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals, trace elements and enzymes.