Amazing hair

Discover facts and amazing things about hair!

Interesting facts about hair

Number of hairs on the head: approx. 100,000
Monthly hair growth: 1 cm
Total daily hair production: 30 m
Lifespan of hair: 2-6 years
Hair loss every day: 80-100

Did you know that…

  • Men’s hair grows faster than women’s hair.
  • Hair grows faster in warm weather.
  • Hair growth slows down with age.
  • Cutting or shaving does not affect hair growth.
  • Men’s hair is thicker than women’s hair.
  • The hair colour and the number of hairs decrease with age.

For healthy hair growth, the hair roots must be supplied with the nutrients they need. A sufficient supply to the organism should be ensured so that problems such as hair loss do not occur.