Beautiful hair in summer

Holidays by the sea or in the mountains – what is meant to relax you can quickly turn into stress for problem hair. The hair gets exposed to sunlight without protection and after too much sun dries out quickly and becomes prone to split ends and dull.

If you rub your hair vigorously with a towel after swimming in the sea and let the wet, salt-water-soaked hair dry in the sun, you shouldn’t be surprised if it then hangs down lifelessly and lacks shine.

The protective cover is roughened by such treatment. Chlorine and salt water damage this protective layer of the hair, which provides elasticity and buoyancy. These influences cause the hair to lose its buoyancy and become rough and brittle. While the skin builds up pigments when exposed to the sun, our hair does exactly the opposite: it loses pigments and fades. And that’s not all: those with thin hair risk getting sunburnt on their sensitive scalps.


We’ve put together some useful tips so that you and your hair can really enjoy your holiday in the sun:

  • Before sunbathing, apply a waterproof sun protection spray or gel with UV filter to your hair. This coats the hair in a wafer-thin protective film and stops it from drying out.
  • If you are staying in the sun for longer it is wise to cover your head. This not only looks good, but also actively protects your hair from attacks by UV rays.
  • After a day at the beach, always rinse your hair and remove salt or chlorine water. It is best to use a mild, moisturizing shampoo.
  • Special scalp sprays protect bald spots or areas where the scalp shows through the hair. If you have very short hair, rubbing with normal sunscreen is also sufficient. Ask your pharmacist or hairdresser for advice.
  • Before swimming in chlorinated water, dampen your hair with normal tap water. This reduces the absorption of chlorine.
  • It’s all about variety: wear your hair sometimes down, sometimes plaited, and sometimes tied with a cloth.
  • If your hair is coloured, avoid colouring immediately before or after your holiday. Your hair will already be attacked by the sun’s rays. Just give yourself a few more days. Your hair will thank you for it.