General styling tips

Only perfect styling will get the best out of your hair. And it brings out your personality through your hair – for maximum attractiveness and radiance. Discover our tips for perfect styling:

Blow-drying with the right brush

Take it one strand at a time. The hair becomes smoother, but also more voluminous.

  • To get more volume, thick round brushes are suitable, which are pulled from the roots to the tips during blow-drying.
  • Skeleton brushes are optimal for strong, firm hair because they grip well.
  • A double-decker brush has a short and long side and brings tension into the hair.
  • Tunnel brushes have an opening in the middle to let more air through. The hair dries faster and the styling is supported. If there is still residual moisture, the hairstyle slightly collapses.
  • Due to its wide surface, a paddle brush is ideal for straightening long hair.

Dyeing and tinting

Colouring is always accompanied by a change in the colour pigments and therefore lasts longer. To cover grey hair, a colouring is better than a tinting, as otherwise the grey base is quickly seen again. When tinting, dyes are applied to the hair from the outside. Therefore, a tint is washed out relatively quickly. Highlights are well suited to add visual richness or set special accents. It is always important to find the right colour for the type and the basic colour.

Volume tricks

„Rootlifter“ Sprays

These sprays are equipped with fine spray heads and enable precise dosing. After drying, the ingredients form a kind of „support corset“ that erects the hair for several hours.


If the foam is applied from the hairline to the tips and then blow-dried with a suitable brush, the hair maintains its stability and fullness.


To get more volume at the top of the head, one can turn the long hair on large winders, blow dry and let it cool down. The hair gets significantly more stability and fullness.


Final Styling


Especially suitable for curly hair, natural waves and modelling. But be careful: Wax weights the hair and makes it look oily quickly.


Gel is best suited for stylish trendy hairstyles. It creates the typical „wet look“. Individual parts can be accentuated and designed with it. Rub a small amount in your hands and apply to the appropriate areas of your hair.

„Anti-Frizz“ products

The contained silicones and oils lie on the hair and ensure that unruly, unruly hair is straightened. „Anti-Frizz“ products are available as care or styling products.


Fixes the hairstyle at the end of styling and protects the hair from high humidity. Hair spray spreads over the hair and gives it a firm hold. Some products still contain additives that provide great shine.


Extra tips from stylist Andreas Reichenberg

It all depends on the right technology and the right product.

The special tip with eye shadow

If light spots appear on the scalp, these can be dabbed off with an eye shadow corresponding to the colour of the hair.


Colour can bring a variety of effects to the hair:

  • bright highlights at the top of the head bring optical richness
  • the hairstyle can be underlined
  • hair looks shinier
  • Colour sets accents