Hairstyling ideas

Hairstyling ideas from a top hairdresser

We have compiled some examples of women with hair problems who have been given individual advice after sending us their photo and a description of their hair problems as part of our campaign.

Be inspired!


The styling expert’s advice:

Your hair should be worn long. It’s important that the sides are cut and graduated bluntly, so they are layered but not frayed.

  • Shorten your fringe (about eye level) and wear it to the side.
  • Never blow-dry too hot.

Lighter highlights on the top of your head will give your hair the appearance of fullness. Your hair will appear to have even more volume when the hair on the sides and in the neck area is slightly darker.



The styling expert’s advice:

The sides should be bluntly layered and not too frayed around the face. This adds more volume to the top of the head. Cut the long hair at the back bluntly as well.

  • Cut your fringe a little fuller, not too short.

Your hair will look fuller when it is lightened at the top of the head with two caramel tones.


The styling expert’s advice:

Have your hair cut regularly (every 12 weeks). Have your hairdresser work towards a graduated, shoulder-length bob.

  • Always use a conditioner after washing to “seal” the hair.
  • Never brush hair when completely dry.

To add more shine to your hair, you can colour it a little brighter. Alternatively, the short haircut that Mia Farrow wore in “Rosemary’s Baby” would be very nice for you! To add shine, you can colour your hair a little brighter with food colouring from Sebastian (tint lasts approx. 4 weeks).


The styling expert’s advice:

A slightly graduated layered look with layered sides.

Your hair should be cut much longer at the top of your head and not too layered. Your hair will then appear fuller and your crown will not dominate in this way.

  • Your fringe should be fuller and longer.
  • Wear your fringe to the side.

When the hair on the top of your head has grown, light, brighter highlights on the top of your head would look more interesting and also create the appearance of fullness.


The styling expert’s advice:

A short, graduated bob at mouth length with layered – but not too layered – sides.

  • Use strengthening styling products.
  • Never blow-dry too hot.

A full and bluntly cut fringe has more volume.


The styling expert’s advice:

To achieve the appearance of more volume at the top of the head, cut the sides and the neck area slightly steeper and narrower in a graduated shape.

Tips for more volume:

  • Create a zigzag parting
  • Cut your fringe a little fuller and never too layered
  • Wear your fringe to the side a little more stylishly

Your hair should be worn behind your ears.


The styling expert’s advice:

A graduated bob, which is a little longer on the sides with short layers in the neck area:

  • Wear your hair behind your ears
  • Keep your fringe longer to get a more stylish look.
  • In this way, the back of your head is the fullest part of your hairstyle and supports your profile.

Use volume-boosting foam and style your hair behind your ears using a wax that is not too greasy.


The styling expert is asked whether hair thickening is possible. He advises:

Sensitive hair thickening or extension is quite feasible. But find an equally sensitive hair stylist.

  • Bondings are attached very delicately to your natural hair and fused with your natural hair using an ultrasonic wave (can be easily removed again).
  • Haircare plays a particularly important role here.

Don’t be too thrifty when it comes to hair thickening. This technique has its price.


The styling expert’s advice:

A graduated layered cut would be optimal:

  • The first layer should start in the area of your nose.
  • A full, bluntly cut fringe, which is worn slightly to the side, rounds off the look.
  • For tinting, I recommend a soft colouring.

Use a large, round brush and do not blow-dry your hair too hot. Please note that you always blow-dry the cuticle layer as well, so use heat protection products. This will protect your hair.


The styling expert’s advice:

Bluntly graduated (10cm) bob that reaches under the chin and becomes slightly longer towards the front.
In general, you should always have your hair cut bluntly. It is also very important that you use the right styling products for curly hair: e.g. Molding Mud by Sebastian.

  • Ideally, let your hair dry naturally.
  • Curl-enhancing shampoos and conditioners can be used to accentuate your curls.


The styling expert’s advice:

The bob shape should be graduated and cut bluntly in the area of your facial contour.

  • Ideally, let your hair dry naturally and don’t blow-dry it.
  • Treat it with suitable styling products for curly hair (e.g. Molding Mud by Sebastian).
  • Very important: have your hair cut every 12 weeks.

A shiny tint will give your hair a glossy appearance.


The styling expert’s advice:

I would advise against a short haircut, as this will make your face look too long.

  • I recommend a slightly layered bob (length between mouth and chin) with a blunt, longer, full fringe.
  • The fringe can then also be worn to the side.
  • The side contours should be layered bluntly around the face to create more play.

This style is great for wearing both in front of and behind the ears.
Use a large paddle brush when blow-drying and apply heat-protection, volume-boosting products.


The styling expert’s advice:

I would cut the fringe a little fuller and not quite as short.

  • A graduated layered look in the area of the face would be ideal and would create a light volume.
  • When blow-drying, make sure you use a large, round brush and don’t blow-dry too hot. I also recommend you use heat protection and volume-boosting products.

Because of the straight and blunt shape, the hair length should not be too frayed, so the hair can be styled inwards or outwards.