Remedies for dull hair

Dull, lifeless hair

The outer layer of the hair is responsible for whether it looks shiny or dull: if hair is healthy, the individual cells lie flat so that they form a closed surface. The hair has elasticity and buoyancy. In dull hair, the cuticle layer is roughened. The hair looks straw-like and needs a good conditioning.

Use gentle shampoos followed by a conditioner. This ensures that the outer cuticle layer becomes smooth again. With shampoos such as Pantogar® shampoo, that is specifically designed to reduce hair loss, you can also support hair growth. Treat your hair to a restorative, moisturizing deep conditioning treatment once or twice a week. A deep conditioning treatment often makes thin hair too soft to style afterwards. Simply use the deep conditioning treatment before washing your hair. This reduces the softening effect.

You can protect your hair by avoiding damaging influences:

  • Intensive sunlight dries out the hair.
  • Seawater and chlorine damage the outer layer of the hair. Salty sea air also roughens the hair. Therefore, thoroughly rinse out salt and chlorine residues immediately after swimming.
  • Colouring, highlights and perms put additional stress on dull hair. Make sure that you use conditioning products regularly. Ask your hairdresser or pharmacist for suitable products.


Extra tips from stylist Andreas Reichenberg

Dull, lifeless hair needs care, for example with proteins or moisturizers, which penetrate deep into the hair where they can unleash their full effect. To ensure a clean, closed cuticle layer with a lot of shine and buoyancy, make sure you use products with high-quality ingredients. There are special shine-boosting products available.