Haircare and styling for thin hair

Thin hair can be caused by hair loss or because the diameter of the individual hairs is too small. Hairstyling is usually very difficult for those affected. The hair cannot be styled into the desired shape, or the scalp already shows through the hair in some places. Here are a few useful tips that can help you with your hairstyling.


The right hairstyle

A hairstyle tailored to you can conceal thin hair well. Longer hair on top, a supporting layer or light fringes create the appearance of volume. Fine hair can be trimmed every 4 weeks so that it looks full and sits well. With the right blow-drying technique you can make your hair appear more voluminous.

The right colour

With the right colour or highlights, you can conjure up the appearance of more volume in your hair. Ask your hairdresser what suits you and your hair type best. They will be happy to advise you.

The right shampoo

There are shampoos that are specially designed to reduce hair loss. One of them is Pantogar® shampoo: With its effective Growtect Formula, Pantogar® shampoo can stimulate hair growth and improve overall hair quality when used daily.

Volume-boosting products

Volume-boosting products fluff up the hair shaft. The hair is coated by certain substances, which create the appearance of volume. Mousse is ideal for quick volume and hold. Work the mousse into your hairline. This will make your hair firm.


Conditioners and deep conditioning treatments should not have a high oil content, as this quickly causes fine hair to hang down limply. Leave-in products nourish and strengthen without weighing down the hair. It is better to avoid 2-in-1 products (e.g. shampoo and conditioner). You can wash your hair every day even if you are losing your hair. You do not have to worry that hair will fall out more often as a result of washing. In addition to gentle external care, your hair can also be strengthened by taking important nutrients.

Hair tonic

With regular application twice daily, leave-in hair tonics such as Pantogar® tonic can activate hair roots and restore the vitality of the hair.


Extra tips from a stylist

Care products

Thin hair is usually also sensitive hair. Sensitive hair should be treated as such. Often the hair shaft and scalp are burdened by the residues of haircare products. That’s why I use selected products that gently clean, nourish and condition.


Sensitive hair does not always need to be cut short and in layers to achieve volume. It needs buoyancy rather than a lot of volume. Longer hair on top can conceal thin hair.


The right technique when blow-drying and styling your hair adds buoyancy and volume. You also need the right tools. Use an eye shadow matching your hair colour to cover spots where your scalp shows through your hair. Simply apply with an eye shadow brush. You’ll be amazed by the effect.