Tips for haircare products

There are a huge number of haircare products on offer. Make sure you select high-quality ingredients that do not irritate the hair and scalp, but gently cleanse them. For all hair types, haircare products for use after cleaning are very important to keep the hair and scalp healthy. And if you want to give your hair a boost from the inside, Pantogar® can support the healthy growth of your hair.


In general, you should use mild shampoos that do not irritate the scalp. Pay attention to the ingredients:

  • Substances like panthenol moisturize the hair.
  • Various herbs have a positive effect on certain hair problems.
  • Silicones present in shampoos can weaken subsequent conditioning or chemical treatment.
  • Pantogar® shampoo consists of a special anti hair loss complex


Conditioners ensure that the outer cuticle layer is sealed. The hair feels smoother and can be combed more easily. A conditioner should be massaged into the ends of wet hair after shampooing and then rinsed out thoroughly. The effect is not as intense as with a deep conditioning treatment, so conditioner can be applied every day.

Deep conditioning treatment

Deep conditioning treatments are combed into towel-dried hair. The conditioners these contain penetrate the hair, where they unleash their full effect. Observe the manufacturer’s instructions for the application time and rinse the deep conditioning treatment out thoroughly. A deep conditioning treatment should be applied at most once or twice per week for stressed or damaged hair (split ends).

Hair tonics

A hair tonic, or, more accurately, scalp tonic, aids blood circulation in the scalp, but can also contain nourishing substances for irritated scalps. Special hair tonics with soothing ingredients are good for itchy scalps. Pantogar® tonic is designed specifically to reduce hair loss. Massage the hair tonic into your scalp with your fingertips using light, circular movements.

Extra tips from stylist Andreas Reichenberg

Optimum haircare consists of 3 steps: cleaning (shampoo), nourishing (deep conditioning treatment/mask) and sealing (shine treatment). If you make sure you use high-quality products too, your hair will be well cared for. Always use the right product for your hair type and your needs.

Scalp care

The scalp should always have a neutral environment. An oily (alkaline) or dry (acidic) scalp is not ideal for hair growth and well-being. Here too there are special haircare products available from your hairdresser.