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From Thinning to Thriving: How a unique nutrient mix aids women with diffuse hair loss

Diffuse hair loss affects many women – however, an effective management for the loss of scalp hair distributed over the entire head remains challenging. A recent study investigated the effect of a nutrient supplementation on diffuse hair loss. To do so, the researchers administered a combination of cystine (a keratin component), B-vitamins and minerals over at least three months to 31 women diagnosed with diffuse hair loss.a Different measurements were performed before and after nutrient supplementation to assess its effect – for example measurement of the hair density, presence of visible young hairs, the clinician’s impression of improvement and assessment of the patient burden. The tolerance towards the nutrient supplementation was monitored during the whole treatment.1

The results of the study after 3 months were promising:

The hair density improved after nutrient supplementationb

Young visible hairs increased after treatment: after at least 3 months of supplementation nearly 40 % of patients showed many young hairs, compared to 0 % before supplementationc

Clinicians rated the condition of more than 70 % of patients as better or much better after nutrient treatmentd

The burden of hair loss decreased significantly after nutrient supplementation: nearly 29 % of women experienced no or only little distress from diffuse hair loss

Over 95 % of patients rated the tolerance as well or very welle

Taken together, the supplementation for at least 3 months of women with diffuse hair loss improved the condition of most women. The women described their hair as shinier, smoother, and stronger. Their fear of and stress caused by diffuse hair loss was reduced or disappeared. Most patients tolerated the nutrient supplementation very well.1

a The nutrient supplementation contained cystine, thiamin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, biotin, zinc and iron.
b Hair density: 190.11 ± 56.41 hairs/cm2 at baseline vs. 220.07 ± 53.65 hairs/cm2 after observations period (N= 28; p < 0.001)
c Presence of many visible young hair: 0 % before supplementation % vs. 37.93 % at least 3 months of supplementation (p < 0.001)
d Clinician’s Global Impression of Change rated as better for 55.17 % of patients and much better for 17.24 % after at least 3 months of supplementation
e 85.19 % of patients rated the tolerance as very well and 11.11 % as well

1Finner et. al; Poster presentation at First Barcelona Hair Meeting, September 29th-October1st, 2022, Spain: Evaluation of treating diffuse hair loss with a combination of Cystine, B-Vitamins and minerals in dermatological practice.